Valentine’s Day – Love or Hate?

It seems that Valentine’s day divides the nation. Is it a daft day full of forced romantic sentiments or is it a great excuse to show off your love for someone?

Retailers seem to relish in the idea that men across the country will be desperate to buy a token of love for the lady in their life in the form of A) items of tiny red mesh underwear with or without accompanying suspenders B) heart shaped chocolates or C) a teddy bear with a heart on its chest. All these are fine gifts (if you are a practicing stripper, not watching your weight and are happy to receive presents as an adult which you also received when you were 5) but are these really the most wanted presents? Probably not, and as the Valentine’s haters would agree, this is just a ‘Hallmark day’ with no real meaning – if you love someone, you don’t need Valentine’s Day to show it, nor will teddy bears help get your message across any better.

On the flip side, whilst some prefer not to partake in the giving of soppy greeting cards, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the extra romance, presents and most of all spending time with that special someone on the 14th. Of course, Valentine’s Day is traditionally for those of us who are single and want to send a semi-anonymous sign of affection to someone admired from afar. How many of us still do this kind of thing in 2013 remains to be seen, but if Valentines day isn’t your thing then just enjoy time with your friends instead and why not buy yourself a little Valentines treat, something that you actually want… like shoes! 😉

How about these for a Valentine’s night out?

Timeless Ladies Orient Satin Floral Platform Shoes

Timeless Ladies Orient Satin Floral Platform Shoes

Iron fist ladies sweets for my sweet platform shoes

Iron fist ladies sweets for my sweet platform shoes

Hope you all enjoy Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing.

Team KissShoe.  x


About KissShoe

At we have a passion for fashion and great customer service. If you love shoes as much as we do then you’ll be pleased to see we offer a unique collection of ladies footwear at competitive prices. Our team have vast enthusiasm in sourcing the styles of footwear you’ll love and predicting upcoming trends which will be essential for fashion followers. You’ll find we have a range of exciting new styles and some modern classics from the latest fashion brands. When you place an order we make sure it is dispatched quickly because we don’t like to keep you waiting. Take your time to try on your new shoes at home to see how they look with your own outfits and if you want to return them for any reason, that’s no problem, just see our Returns Policy. We take an active interest in looking after the environment and always try to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging where possible. Our shoe boxes can be recycled as can our mail bags so we would encourage you to put these in with your regular recycling.
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